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[fanmix] Is There A Chance - Alex Drake & Gene Hunt

Florence + The Machine - Kiss With A Fist • My Favourite Highway - You're Making It Come Alive
Katy Perry - If You Can Afford Me • Delta Goodrem - The Analyst
t.A.T.u - Clowns (Can You See Me Now?) • Coldplay - 42 • A Fine Frenzy - Ashes and Wine
Fireflight - Wrapped in Your Arms • Jon McLaughlin - So Close
OneRepublic - All We Are • Aqualung - Pressure Suit


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Florence + The Machine - Kiss With A Fist
getting their way
My black eye casts no shadow
Your red eye sees no pain
Your slaps don't stick
Your kicks don't hit
So we remain the same
Blood sticks, sweat drips
Break the lock if it don't fit
A kick in the teeth is good for some
A kiss with a fist is better than none

My Favourite Highway - You're Making It Come Alive
nights at luigi's
The sun is setting and it's ending 'cause you're letting it go
Forgetting everything you already know
And it all goes to show that you're moving to slow
It will end up changing you, it will end up changing you

Life flies by so you have to embrace it
Forget the past 'cause you cannot erase it
So live the dream, and learn to chase it
And when you can almost taste it
It's all come alive

Katy Perry - If You Can Afford Me
you could never, ever, afford me
If you want me, it takes more than a wink
And more than a drink, more than you think.
If you want me you're gonna have to break the bank, tonight
Cause some don't have the patience, some call me high-maintenance
But you pay the bill, 'cause that's the deal

Don't play cheap, with your heart
Don't make a bet if you can't write the check, for me, for me
Cause I can be bought, but you'll pay the cost
If you can afford me

Delta Goodrem - The Analyst
alex's theme
She's traveling back in time
Questioning every line that someone said
Oh, oh, oh, she's trying to understand

Can you be sure we haven't met, see the eyes they don't forget
They wander through the passage-ways that tease a restless mind
Can't afford to slip the picture's gotta fit
Her world's a photograph that gets dissected bit by bit

t.A.T.U - Clowns (Can You See Me Now?)
october 1981
Blow a kiss, I run through air
Leave the past, find nowhere
Floating forests in the air
Clowns all around you

All this black and cruel despair
This is an emergency
Don't you hide your eyes from me
Open them and see me now

Coldplay - 42
gene's theme
Those who are dead are not dead
They're just living in my head
And since I fell for that spell I am living there as well

You thought you might be a ghost
You didn't get to heaven but you made it close
You didn't get to heaven but you all, all

A Fine Frenzy - Ashes and Wine
Is there a chance a fragment of light
At the end of the tunnel
A reason to fight?
Is there a chance that you may change your mind
Or are we ashes and wine

Shut it out
I've got no claim on you now
Not allowed to wear your freedom down

Fireflight - Wrapped in Your Arms
somehow you make us all feel safe
Is this the whole picture
Or is it just the start?
Is this the way you love me?
You're capturing my heart
I used to try and walk alone
But I've begun to grow
And when you tell me just to rest
I'm finally letting go
I let go

And I'm here to stay
Nothing can separate us
And I know, I'm ok
You cradle me gently
Wrapped in your arms, I'm home

Jon McLaughlin - So Close
the date / the kiss
You're in my arms, and all the world is calm
The music playing on, for only two
So close, together
And when I'm with you
So close, to feeling alive

We're so close to reaching that famous happy end
Almost believing this one's not pretend
And let's go on dreaming, for we know we are
So close
And still so far

OneRepublic - All We Are
i'm not leaving him
Time can tear you apart
But it won't break anything that you are, you are
We won't say our goodbyes you know it's better that way
We won't break, we won't die
It's just a moment of change
All we are, all we are, is everything that's right

I walked a minute in your shoes, they never would've fit
I figured there's nothing to lose,
I need to get some perspective on these words before I write them down
You're an island and my ship has run aground
Lord knows I'll fail you time and again,
But you and me we're alright

Aqualung - Pressure Suit
is there life on mars?
We're two spinning spheres,
Two spinning spheres in a bed of stars
Silence is super
Staring into space, I wonder where you are

I'll be your respirator
I'll be your pressure suit
It's alright, It's alright
I'll be your four leaf clover
I'll be your pressure suit
I'll be your angel wings
I'll be your parachute
I'll be your running reason
I'll be your only reason
I can't stop loving you

you didn't get to heaven, but you made it close