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[fanmix] You're Not Alone In This - Children From The Future (Fire Emblem: Awakening)

Mirah - Mt. St. Helens • Avril Lavigne - Slipped Away • The Fray - Heaven Forbid
30 Seconds to Mars - This Is War • A Fine Frenzy - Lifesize
Keane - In Your Own Time • OneRepublic - Marchin' On
Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love • Cider Sky - Northern Lights • A Fine Frenzy - Hope for the Hopeless
Delta Goodrem - Child of the Universe • 30 Seconds to Mars - Kings and Queens


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Mirah - Mt. St. Helens
a world with grima
Oh, the loss of you does wreck my days
Leaves me with a violent hunger
I will never be free from you
'Til I escape the lion's jaw
There's no welcome in the end
There's no reason to return again

I could never be your friend
I could never come back home again

Avril Lavigne - Slipped Away
broken promises, losing parents
I miss you, miss you so bad
I don't forget you, oh it's so sad
I hope you can hear me
I remember it clearly

The day you slipped away
Was the day I found it won't be the same

Now you're gone, now you're gone
There you go, there you go
Somewhere you're not coming back

The Fray - Heaven Forbid
young and scarred
Take a breath
Just take a seat
You're falling apart and tearing at the seams

Heaven forbid you end up alone
You don't know why
Hold on tight, wait for tomorrow
You'll be alright

30 Seconds to mars - This Is War
back in time, and the war to follow
It's the moment of truth and the moment to lie
The moment to live and the moment to die
The moment to fight, the moment to fight
to fight, to fight, to fight

To the right, to the left
We will fight to the death
To the Edge of the Earth
It's a brave new world from the last to the first

I do believe in the light
Raise your hands up to the sky
The fight is done
The war is won

A Fine Frenzy - Lifesize
finding their parents
All for love we become
Larger than lifesize, wondersome
Great in the eyes of someone
Larger than lifesize we become
Great in the eyes of someone

We smiled so bright the sun went down
Rose above the maddening crowd
We lit the streets with the sweetest glow
We held the globe and made it turn
Wandered through the universe

Keane - In Your Own Time
everything that was fated happens
In your own time
There's no map to guide our way
So I say nothing, you say nothing
In your own way
Thought I could help you find your place
But I'm as lost as you are lost these days

Things are going to change, you know
The battles you have fought won't go to waste, you know
The things are gonna change
It just takes time

OneRepublic - Marchin On
the war goes on
For this dance we'll move with each other
There ain't no other step than one foot
Right in front of the other

There's so many wars we fought
There's so many things we're not
But with what we have
I promise you that
We're marching on

Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love
no matter what it takes
The stars, the moon, they have all been blown out
You left me in the dark
No dawn, no day, I'm always in this twilight
In the shadow of your heart

And in the dark, I can hear your heartbeat
I tried to find the sound
But then it stopped, and I was in the darkness
So darkness I became

Cider Sky - Northern Lights
moments of love
Every time I close my eyes
I can touch the colors around me
Suddenly I realize everything I thought was impossible is here
And my heart sings in a world so incredible
And everything burns much brighter

I want to fly into this beautiful life
I think it'd be nice with you

A Fine Frenzy - Hope For The Hopeless
"hope will never die"
Making the best of it
Playing the hand you get
You're not alone in this

Cold in a summer breeze
Yeah, you're shivering
On your bended knee
Still, when you're heart is sore
And the heavens pour
Like a willow bending with the storm, you'll make it

Delta Goodrem - Child of the Universe
final clash
We meet and we divide
The patterns made by human life
Look at all the stars tonight
They're brighter in the sky

Together we are all alone
All trying to make it home

In this world if it's the only thing I've ever learned
Is that everything you love can hurt
And the only thing you are is a child of the universe

30 Seconds to Mars - Kings and Queens
a new world
Into your eyes
Hopeless and taken
We stole our new lives
Through blood and name
In defense of our dreams

We were the kings and queens of promise
We were the phantoms of ourselves
Maybe the children of a lesser God
Between Heaven and Hell

There's hope for the hopeless
There's hope