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[fanmix] Everybody's Looking For Something - Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Avril Lavigne - Alice (Extended Version) • Paramore - Fences • Florence + The Machine - You Got The Love
Yoko Shimomura - Musique pour la tristesse de Xion • Emily Browning - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
Nulie Nurly - Hybrid -New Born- • The Birthday Massacre - Walking With Strangers
P!nk - Long Way To Happy • Relient K - Which To Bury, Us Or The Hatchet
Delta Goodrem - Nobody Listened • Jewel - Hands • Nobuo Uematsu - Ending Theme
The Perishers - Sway • The Script - Glowing • The New Pornographers - Adventures In Solitude


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Avril Lavigne - Alice (Extended Version)
the world of a magical girl
I, I'll get by
I, I'll survive
When the world's crashing down
When I fall and hit the ground
I will turn myself around
Don't you try to stop it

Is this real?
Is it pretend?
I'll take a stand until the end

Paramore - Fences
witch hunting apprentices
And it's obvious that you're dying, dying
Just living proof that the camera's lying
And oh oh open wide, 'cause this is your night
So smile, 'cause you'll go out in style

If you let me I could
I'd show you how to build your fences
Set restrictions, separate from the world
The constant battle that you hate to fight
Just blame the limelight

Florence + The Machine - You Got The Love
mami's theme
Sometimes it seems that the going is just too rough
And things go wrong no matter what I do
Now and then it seems that life is just too much
But you've got the love I need to see me through

Yoko Shimomura - Musique pour la tristesse de Xion
this is what it means to be a magical girl

Emily Browning - Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
contract? / kiss of a witch
Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree?
Travel the world and the seven seas
Everybody's looking for something

I'm gonna use you and abuse you
I'm gonna know what's inside
Gonna use you and abuse you
I'm gonna know what's inside you

Nulie Nurly - Hybrid -New Born-
on secrets and witches
I can't believe this isn't a dream
Is this the way we end up?
I can't believe it was a dream
A flashback is all I got in my hand?

I had been always there for you
And now I'm ready to dive in the danger zone
I know for sure because this is the way I am

The Birthday Massacre - Walking With Strangers
kyoko's theme
Look around for a means
To dissuade her attention
Can't remember the places
And names that she mentions

My words are falling apart in spite of me
I'm stepping out of the light
So she can't see
Don't think I'll miss her
But I want to take her picture
When I found a place
Where she can't find me

P!nk - Long Way to Happy
the truth about soul gems
It's gonna take a long time to love
It's gonna take a lot to hold on
It's gonna be a long way to happy, yeah
Left in the pieces that you broke me into

Left my childhood behind
In a roll away bed
Everything was so damn simple
Now I'm losing my head
Trying to cover up the damage
And pad out all the bruises
Too young to know I had it
So it didn't hurt to lose it

Relient K - Which To Bury, Us Or The Hatchet
sayaka versus kyoko
Make your decision and don't you dare think twice
Go with your instincts along with some bad advice
This didn't turn out the way I thought it would at all
You blame me but some of this is still your fault

And know that I don't hate you
And know that I don't want to fight you
And know that I'll always love you
But right now I just don't

Delta Goodrem - Nobody Listened
sayaka's theme
All that you saw was my smile
But it's been dark for a while
And the days have gone cold
No more sleep for my soul
Or thats what I've been told

When I cried, when I shouted and I screamed and I yelled
And I was mad and I was angry
How come no one could tell?
Say why didnt you listen to me?
Was it really that hard to see?

Jewel - Hands
madoka's theme
If I could tell the world just one thing
It would be that we're all okay
And not to worry 'cause worry is wasteful
And useless in times like these

I won't be made useless
I won't be idle with despair
I will gather myself around my faith
For light does the darkness most fear
My hands are small, I know
But they're not yours, they are my own
And I am never broken

Nobuo Uematsu - Ending Theme
a repeated cycle of death and despair

The Perishers - Sway
homura's theme
I talk to you as to a friend
I hope that's what you've come to be
It feels as though we've made amends
Like we found a way eventually

I don't want to hurt you
I don't want to make you sway
Like I know I've done before
I will not do it anymore
I've always been a dreamer
I've had my head among the clouds
Now that I'm coming down
Won't you be my solid ground?

The Script - Glowing
a friend that's worth it
Never gonna stop 'til the clock stops ticking
Never gonna quit 'til my legs stop kicking
I will follow you and we'll both go missing
No I'm never giving up 'til my heart stops beating
Never letting go 'til my lungs stop breathing
I will follow you and we'll both go missing

No, I and we don't even know where we're going
But I'm sitting with you and I'm glowing

The New Pornographers - Adventures In Solitude
madoka's sacrafice / a world without witches
Balancing on
One wounded wing
Circling the edge
Of the neverending
The best of the vanished marvels have gathered inside your door

We thought we lost you
Welcome back

nobody listened
but they're listening now