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[fanmix] people that you must remember - Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps • OneRepublic - Say (All I Need) • Athlete - Hurricane
Snow Patrol - The Golden Floor • Josiah Leming - Silly Fly
The Fray - Heartless • Sea Wolf - Old Friend • A Fine Frenzy - Riversong
Keane - Sea Fog • Zulu Winter - People That You Must Remember


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Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps
Made off
Don't stray
My kind's your kind
I'll stay the same

Pack up
Don't stray

OneRepublic - Say (All I Need)
Do you know where your heart is?
Do you think you can find it?
Or did you trade it for something
Somewhere better just to have it?

Do you know what your fate is?
And are you trying to shake it?
You're doing your best and
Your best look
You're praying that you make it

Athlete - Hurricane
All the millions that we marched with
It never made a sound, never made a sound on your lips

Is it something we gotta get used to?
But we're not giving up the coastline so easily
Oh hurricane

Snow Patrol - The Golden Floor
A dark shape on a golden floor
A sleeping planet with a molten core
From above we'd cut a slow eight shape
And much more

I'm not afraid of anything even time
It'll eke away at everything but we'll be fine

Josiah Leming - Silly Fly
edward's theme
Silly fly, where's your self control?
You're flying high and everyone's gone home
Still you carry on alone

Silly fly, do you think that you're a bird?
Yeah you're flying, but you're wings are old and torn
Silly fly, do you think that that's a star?
Yeah it's shining, but you won't get what you came for

The Fray - Heartless
edward, alone
I mean after all the things that we've been through
I mean after all the things we got into
You, I know of some things that you ain't told me
You, I did some things but that's the old me

I know you can't believe
I could just leave it wrong
And you can't make it right
So I'm a take off tonight into the night

Sea Wolf - Old Friend
mary's theme
But now we're getting older
And we're growing up
So now less action in the water
And we know enough
Stood upon the roof
Top on a night so clear
That the lights
From the city just disappeared

I know you
Don't believe me
When I believe in you
I know it could get much easier
If you want it to

A Fine Frenzy - Riversong
anne's theme
They said oh, we could love you
But we are not yet what you want
Because oh, anyone could love you
You’ve got to find where you belong

How does it feel
To be so certain
Without question
Of your purpose
Your position
Of your place
Of your home

Keane - Sea Fog
making ammends
The sun bleeds in
Hear the magpies sing for sorrow
It makes things better
Maybe we'll get to spread
Our wings tomorrow

I missed my turn
In the dark I hear your voice
It makes things easy
I've strayed too far from the road
Wish you could always make things easy
And I won't fight through the rising tide
If that's the way it has to be

Zulu Winter - People That You Must Remember
parting glass
We young men came to your door
And kicked our boots in
Til we could kick no more
I bleed bold, you smiled soft
And we all swaggered off
We howl loud and smash towns
In place of any lost

These are the people that you must remember

They don't love you like I love you