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[fanmix] Hope You're Happy Too - Alvin & Jude Mathis

A Fine Frenzy - Electric Twist • Thom Yorke - Hearing Damage • Warpaint - Ashes To Ashes
Of Monsters And Men - Love Love Love • 30 Seconds To Mars - Stranger In A Strange Land
SafetySuit - What If • Daughter - Medicine • Bastille - Haunt (demo)
Kodaline - The Answer • The Perishers - Sway


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A Fine Frenzy - Electric Twist
early days
You should be wilder, you're no fun at all
Yeah, thanks for the input
Thanks for the call

It really kicks yeah
And the touch of your lips it's a shock not a kiss
It's electric twist, it's electric twist

Thom Yorke - Hearing Damage
A tear in my brain
Allows the voices in
They wanna push you off the path
With their frequency wires

And you can do no wrong
In my eyes

Warpaint - Ashes To Ashes
jude for alvin
I'm stuck with a valuable friend
I'm happy, hope you're happy too
One flash of light but no smoking pistol

I've never done good things
I've never done bad things
I've never done anything out of the blue
I want an axe to break the ice
I wanna come down right now

Of Monsters And Men - Love Love Love
alvin for jude
Well, maybe I'm a crook for stealing your heart away
Yeah, maybe I'm a crook for not caring for it
Yeah, maybe I'm a bad, bad, bad, bad person
And these fingertips
Will never run through your skin

You love, love, love
When you know I can't love you

30 Seconds To Mars - Stranger In A Strange Land
exodus / true allegiances
Enemy of mine
I'm just a stranger in a strange land
Running out of time
Better go, go, go

Angel or demon
I gave up my soul
I'm guilty of treason
I've abandoned control
Get on your knees

SafetySuit - What If
no more forgiveness
What if it makes you lose faith in me
What if it makes you question every moment you cannot see
And what if it makes you crash and you can't find the key
What if it makes you ask how you could let it all go

What if what I want makes you sad at me
And is it all my fault or can I fix it please
'Cause you know that I'm always all for you

Daughter - Medicine
jude / the betrayed
You could still be
What you want to
What you said you were
When I met you

You've got a warm heart
You've got a beautiful brain
But it's disintegrating

Bastille - Haunt (demo)
alvin / the betrayer
And your thoughts they rewind
To old happenings and things that are done
You can't find what's passed
Make that happiness last
Seeing from those eyes what you become
Well you become

I come back to haunt you

Kodaline - The Answer
let's move forward, alvin
The loneliness is worst of all
When you've got no one else to call
Feeling kind of sad when the times are bad, the times are getting bad

But I'm not searching for the answer
No, I'm not looking for the truth

So watch your step or you might fall
You act like you're a know-it-all
Yeah I used to do that, I used to be like that
I'm still a bit like that

The Perishers - Sway
making amends
I look at you and see a friend
I hope that's what you wanna be
Are we back now where it all began?
Have you finally forgiven me?

I don't wanna hurt you
I don't wanna make you sway
Like I know I've done before
I will not do it anymore

or is it all my fault
or can i fix it please